26 April 2010


We had a crew of about 70 1st-5th grade students here on Saturday.  Talk about busy!  They got here around 11 and left at 4.  We had a meal, played games, did a Bible study, sang songs, and had a craft project.  I was in charge of the craft - we made ShrinkyDink bookmarks.  I learned many things: 
  1. Young children CAN use permanent markers without making a HUGE mess (I only had to clean a few spots off the tables).
  2. Convection ovens are awesome, but will cause the ShrinkyDink to fly around because of the fan.
  3. ShrinkyDinks curl alarmingly, but will mostly flatten out again
  4. Stacking another layer of parchment paper and then another cookie sheet on top of the ShrinkyDinks will work and does keep them from ending up horribly mauled by the convection oven fan
Needless to say, I have now perfected the method of ShrinkyDink production in the camp kitchen.  Things I never knew I needed to know.  :)

When all was said and done, we went out to eat with the summer staff who had come up to volunteer.  One of my favorite parts of my job is the people I meet and get to work with.  Most of them are funny, smart, goofy nerds.  Much like my friends (you all know you are!).  I like them.  I can't wait for summer!

Lately, I've been falling asleep to NPR.  It's usually during 'World Cafe.'  I heard a song the other night that I vaguely remember thinking that I should look up, and then someone posted this link on Facebook today.  The song I had listened to was Josh Ritter's Change of Time.  I've been listening to the whole album, and have decided that yes, indeed, I should buy it.  Someday.  When I have money.  

There have been may things added to that list (the I should buy it. Someday. When I have money. list).  I've started trying to keep track of these things with a list in the small notebook I try to carry around with me.  I actually title the list (cuz I'm a nerd).  It's called 'If wishes were horses...'  Yup.  :)

16 April 2010


I had a lot more to add to the last post, but it seemed to be getting fairly long.  Anyway, I'm just glad that it no longer looks like this on the Lake:
All of the ice is now off, and hopefully it will be warming up quite a bit so I can get some good kayaking in before I move to the Ranch for the summer.  :D

It's been crazy the last month here - we have all of the staff hired for the Ranch, and the Lake is almost done hiring (but we could really use a few more male counselors), so there's a million paperwork things to get done, not to mention program planning for the summer and even setting up the schedule for next summer.  I'm working on getting all of the resource people I need together for staff training as well.  

On top of that, I will also be studying for a CDL so I can drive the camp bus.  

So much to do, so little time...

13 April 2010

Summer Dawning

:)  There was a glorious thunderstorm last night!  I stood outside on my back stoop (after I gave up watching Castle as it pixelated every time the wind blew or lightening struck) and watched the storm blow through.  There wasn't much rain, and the wind was just right so I could stand outside and not get wet.  The frogs were croaking all around.  It was awesome!  I love thunderstorm season!  I can't wait to get out to the Ranch and watch them roll in over the miles.  

Anywho, *pause to check last few posts* here are the photos I promised a while back.  I don't have any photos of it before I started painting, but you'll see...

You can see the lovely 'wood' grain of the original color in these first photos:

The next photos are 'in process' and the old pulls (top) and the new ones (bottom).

And finally: the finished product!  :)

I am very happy with this little project, maybe it will even inspire me to work on the pile of other projects.