26 February 2010

'is there anybody going to listen to my story'

i love this song... it's been playing in my head for a few hours now. the beatles make me smile - so many awesome songs.

anyway, this weekend has been a blur (yes, i do know it's only friday). we have a group of quilters in from thurs-sun, and today, there were almost 160 kids plus 40 adults here for a 'winter fun day' for the local school. helping that many people get set up with/retun and get the next person set up with cross country skis is exhausting. i am ready to fall asleep on my feet. i'm very glad that we don't have to do this every day (or even every weekend).

speaking of weekends, i am ready for them to start existing again. i've been travelling for the past month, and so my days are all confuzzled. next weekend, i may have off, and i may make a quick escape somewhere, but i don't know where and i don't know when, and i may just stay home and work on stuff that needs to be done. we'll see. i will be taking bribes (;

15 February 2010

dear Pandy and Ace...

...keep your spam off my blog! i don't mind people stopping by and reading and commenting on my posts, but seriously, i do not look kindly upon those who just fill my comment section with crap in order to get people to look at their 'blog.' not cool. i always get really excited to see that someone has left me a comment (yes, i am that sad, pathetic person with a tiny social life), and you dash all of my hopes. grrr.

14 February 2010


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