22 April 2008

jack's dull

apparently all work and no play really does make jack a dull boy. scientists have figured out that boring jobs turn our minds off.


17 April 2008

truffle bliss

so, as i said earlier, jessica and i stopped at the chubby chipmonk in deadwood. this is a dangerous place. full of delicious chocolate and such. we bought a box of eight different truffles to try. not only were they all delicious, they were beautiful too. they were also almost too big to fit in the little holder thingy in the box. here are the ones we tried, and a bit of a description of the flavor as i remember it:

here we are, enjoying the first of the truffle bliss:

the first was creme brule. i'm not sure how to do the little accent thingy, so just imagine it's there. sweet, delicious, creamy white chocolate center surrounded by tasty white chocolate with little sugar bits on top. i've never had creme brule, but if it tastes like this, i won't turn it down!

2: the blueberry. one of the prettiest in the box! the picture doesn't do it justice. again, a white chocolate center, with blueberry chips on the outside. i'm not really a blueberry fan, but this was still pretty good.

3: and here is the first of the alcohol flavored truffles: amaretto. dark chocolate center, almond bits on the shell, uber tasty!

4: grand marnier (again, with the no french accent thingy). in those russel stoffer boxed chocolates, i've always hated the orange creme filled ones. this truffle, with its dark chocolate center and just a hint of the orange liqueur, this kicked their butt.

5: dark chocolate coconut. sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't, but almond joy and mounds have nothing on this. sooooo gooood!

6: the 'signature dark buttercream' has a hint of golden dust on top, and is just wonderfully simple dark chocolate. yum.

7: baileys. need i say more? dark chocolate center, irish cream. priceless.

8: i know you'd never guess it, but i picked this one. dark chocolate mint. it comes wrapped in its own bit of protective foil, to keep it from influencing the flavor of the other truffles. it worked, and it was unbelievably tasty as well. i may be a bit partial though. :)

it happened to be good friday when we stopped there, so jessica, being the good catholic, couldn't eat between meals, and therefore could not sample the truffles. i had to sacrifice myself, and sample them for her. i even tried the chili one. not terrible, but i don't think i'd get it on a regular basis. we sampled the truffle goodness throughout the next few days, one at a time. such self-restraint! i'm proud of us both.

stay tunned for the rest of the adventure...

14 April 2008

as april sneaks up and slaps me in the face...

so, i was going to post my pictures of spring break with jessica here, but first, i must tell you about the dream i had last night. i dreamed that i was about nine months pregnant, about to give birth on a stranger's futon, but don't worry, they had called their midwife. i remember being worried that i hadn't felt the baby move, and then it
started kicking, so i knew it was ok, then it occurred to me that i didn't know who the father was, and i couldn't remember conceiving the kid. then i woke up.
so, either this means that i am knocked up, and will give birth to the second coming of christ or i have babies on the mind. i think the second is much more likely because a) if the first is true, i haven't been visited by any messenger angels, and you'd think God would at least let me know. and i'm probably not the best candidate for that anyway, and b) it seems like every time i talk to one of my friends they tell me that they (or a mutual acquaintance) are pregnant. what is it with everyone getting knocked up? i love babies and all, but holy crap people! all of your kids are going to be so much older than mine by the time i end up having kids, that we won't be able to hang out during play dates. won't anyone wait for me? i feel so left out. :(
just kidding - i can wait. at least long enough to find a man. :)

i found this cartoon here. you should check it out, there are alot of amazing things there to waste you time. :)

anywho, travel with me back in time... about a month ago, jessica came to visit. the following is a photo essay of our adventures.

here we can see jessica pointing to the wine glass that has a college logo on it for, as she said "mack-a-last-er" college. apparently she didn't see the little guy in a kilt. :) it was good times. the wine was the stuff i bought on the wool gathering adventure, and it was great! i think we watched stardust that night, which was also awesome!

one day (possibly the next), we went to the fish hatchery, and saw the saddest trout in the world:

then jessica was the king of the world...

we then went to deadwood, first for a chiropractor appointment, then we came upon the chubby chipmunk. glorious! the tasting of the truffles will be in another post...
we then went up and wandered around mount moriah cemetery. we found tons of interesting gravestones:

well, that covers through good friday, so i'm going to cut it off for now, and fill you in on the rest later...

ps: if you want to see all of the pictures, you can go to my flickr site.