29 October 2008

so much to tell!

let's start off with a joke:


i like a good lol goats every now and then. :)

there is so much to share with everyone, that i'm not really going to say anything in this post. i'm just letting you know that i have a few catch-up posts coming... i'm thinking three. they will all have pictures and random ramblings from me, just for you. meanwhile, feel free to paruse my photos and things through the link to the right of this post. yay flickr!

froehliche mai tag -or- when jess came to visit: part 3

(original post date: May 3)
so, it turns out that i had these photos all ready to post before i went to camp, but never did, so here's some stuff for you to look at. the first pictures are of the snow storm on the morning of may 2. the entire town was shut down. the more yellowish photos are of the night before, after i had come home from work. before that is a series of photos from when jessica and i wandered around the canyon over easter.