27 June 2007

"the screams of another cat"

i've had a few interestingly random conversations lately, and the title comes from one of them. i am very tired. this working early in the morning until close and then driving for an hour to sit for a three hour class followed by working early in the morning again is getting kinda old. i think that my boss has started to change the schedule a bit, but not until next week. i'm getting really sad, because i realize that by the end of next week, two of my friends will be very far away. and in about a month, another will be moving for grad school too. sigh. to celebrate/mourn lisa's moving, we went to a fabulous restaurant last night and had some tasty italian cuisine. mmmm.... chicken marsala! i had leftovers for lunch. tasty.

anywho, there will be a shindig tomorrow night and all will be there to enjoy margaritas and crazyness before my friends head off to the great wide world. it should be fun.

25 June 2007

back from camp

hello all!
it's good to be back in air conditioning! my trip to the camp that i used to work at was .... eventful. the counselor there who was a camper when i was staff is wonderful! it was good to see him again. some of the stuff that happened that week stressed me out a bit, but the director and i talked them over, and i think that things will get straightened out. i love that place.
now that my 'vacation' is over, i have to go back to class tonight. i've missed two classes (since i didn't plan on taking a class when i said that i would go to camp for the week.) i think i can get caught up, so i'll be ok.
other than that, i'm looking forward to moorish tavern this weekend. that should be fun!

Wooly Bullies

te he!
and my friends wonder why i give knitters such a hard time!

15 June 2007

oil it is

thanks to affreca for the link to this article. i had been meaning to post about the gorilla project again, since i had found out that the wall street journal had reported that it was a land-based oil refinery. we found that out the night we went to the argo for kaia's birthday. i guess it's slipped my mind since then. some one is quoted as saying, “People of the area are very excited,” Bortscheller said. ”I think it will bring back people who used to live in the area.” for some reason, i think this person's not talking to the people who actually live where they are trying to take the land. maybe the people who will live 10-12 miles away in elk point are excited, but they don't have to move off their land or be next door neighbors to the thing.

13 June 2007

The One (song by Gaelic Storm)

so, i love gaelic storm, and i think i love this video. it's cute. :) enjoy!

12 June 2007

quote of the day

"A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read."
Mark Twain, Speech in New York, Nov. 20, 1900

11 June 2007

how to control a runaway camel....

hang on to the saddle horn and let it run, as camels tire quickly.
it's fun the things you learn from games. :) i also found out how long to wait after a nuclear attack before coming out of the shelter and how to eat an animal after a nuclear attack. thank you, worst case scenario survival game!

anywho, it's been a very long week. i somehow managed to lose my keys, and i have been crazy busy at both jobs as well as trying to finish up my first summer class. blah. thankfully, most of that is over and i have a great landlord, who got me a mail key for no extra charge.

this is the first year in quite a while that i am not at lilies. it's a bit odd. i like the event, but there is no way that i could afford to go this year. that, and i am taking summer classes, so missing those would have sucked as well. at least i can go to other events this summer. and i even have a friend who is willing to drive with me to moorish tavern. she was in a club in high school that affiliated itself with the sca, and then we were in the dorms together and randomly found out that we had a mutual interest in crazy dressing up and stuff.

well, i think this camel is all tuckered out for now...