28 September 2007

wish me luck!

the voting has begun, and on monday, i'll find out if i'm the most popular girl among those chosen by an anonymous panel of judges after we filled out tons of paperwork from being nominated by a student organization. in other words i may be homecoming queen.

i find this odd. i never thought that i would ever be up for such a thing. it should be fun anyway.

the theme for the week of homecoming is "through the decades." therefore, monday's theme for the day is the 1920s. i've got a pseudo flapper dress to wear, and i'll post pictures if i can.

i also have a ton of other stuff this weekend. i'm going down to rc to visit erin and the boys tonight, and tomorrow i'm going to the book festival with becky. i also have tons of homework and i have to clean my house before my parents get here on monday. oh, and all of my paperwork for applying to student teach is due on the 18th of october, so i've got to make sure that that's all taken care of too.

wish me luck.

19 September 2007

i don't think i've ever had a cookie hit on me before

so, i went home this weekend for cecil's siege. it was way fun. i saw people get awesome awards, and even got one myself. i also managed to score a huge(ish) amber bead from the little sister's boy toy. the best part was hanging out with everyone that i usually get to see at lilies, as i didn't get to go this summer.
i also got to drive across the state with erin and the boys. good fun. now my car smells like french fries.
we got to rapid at supper time, and once we got erin and the boys on their way to grandma's, i went to the mongolian grill. yum. andrew skipped out on mondy night football and met me there, and when we were through with the eating bit, it was time for fortune cookies. here is what mine said:
"Are your legs tired? You've been running through my mind ALL day long."
andrew's theory is that either the cookie is hitting on me, or someone beat him to his goal of hacking into the fortune cookie printing machine. :)

13 September 2007

the things i learned today (well...recently)

you learn all kinds of things in school. especially when you are going to school for school. here are a few recent tidbits from my profs:
the only people who have more acronyms in their profession is the military.
we can't let anybody know what we're really doing because then they'd all want to be teachers.
you can trust me because i have the jacket...
there are more possibly humorous quotes to come, i'd imagine (plus i can't find all of the ones that i wrote down).

06 September 2007

to go or not to go, that is the question

fall classes have started, and at this point, i am taking 20 credit hours. i may end up dropping one, but i don't know yet. i kind of doubt it. the dilemma is that it's a class that's supposed to help me get everything in order to student teach overseas. i want to, but it's really expensive. if i'm going to spend money to go to europe, why should i have to work (for free) when i'm there? so i guess the question is, should i just stay here and finish up and then take a trip to europe on my own, or should i go for it?