31 July 2007

sleep pretty darling do not cry, and i will sing a lullaby

i've got to stop trying to fall asleep to the i am sam soundtrack. it's good music, but i have this terrible tendency to actually listen to the songs as i try to sleep. then my mind wanders around the imagery of the lyrics and then i think of a million different things, which only lead to more things to think about and then i am so worked up that i can't possibly fall asleep. hence the finishing of a book last night and only about 1/2hr of sleep. i just couldn't bring myself to lay still enough to calm my mind. i sprawled out on my bed, tossing and turning to get comfortable for almost 2 and 1/2 hours last night after i stopped reading at 2:30 (which was when i finally felt tired), and before i gave up on sleep all together. hopefully i will sleep well tonight.

30 July 2007

misunderstanding all you see

i found this interesting article today: what's in a name?
that is all.

living is easy with eyes closed

two! two evenings left of class! ah hahahaha. (think:)
anywho, i've got tons of papers (two) to finish for the class. one is a historical analysis of literature on a tree grows in brooklyn, which is a pretty good book so far. i think that i may end up turning this one in late... the other is the term paper, which i am much farther along with and it will be done on time for wednesday.

i'm going to miss this class, i think. not the driving fifty miles each way twice a week, but the instructor is a hoot, and i feel like i'm actually learning something, which is nice for once. the thought of having two more nights to myself is highly appealing though. you wouldn't think it, but taking five hours (an hour drive there, three hours of class and an hour drive back) two nights a week really eats into your life. not that i would do anything terribly significant with those hours, but maybe laundry and dishes would be done in a more timely manner. ahhhh... it'd be nice to come home to a clean house. at least i got all of the dishes and some laundry done this weekend! :)

i also went on a run/hike/walk this weekend that was 3.2 miles long, mostly uphill. it was beautiful scenery, but my legs now hate me. they'll get over it. soon, i hope! there was some gorgeous scenery , like i said, but alas, no film to put in my camera. can't wait until payday!!!! this once a month thing is really a drag.

in other money-related news, i think i have a temporary job during the rally this year! i might be a cashier at one of the bar/concert hall/random dunk people gathering spots. a friend of mine says that they really need help, and they are willing to let me start late, since i will be home for a short while this weekend. whohoo! it's $9/hr more than i would be making sitting on my butt at home, and will probably be more interesting to watch than the 1 and 1/2 channels that i can get on my tv! the only real bummer is that my sister is supposed to be coming through town on the 7th, and i don't know yet what hours i would work. we'll figure something out, i'm sure.

27 July 2007

in case of accidents he always took his mom

here is some friday fun for you:
you too can have yellow skin at simpsonize me (if it works...)
or, become a lego here
both are lost of fun:
(here is where i would put a picture of me as a simpson, but it's not working at the moment...)

staring at the cieling, waiting for a sleepy feeling

who can name that beatles song?
i'm thinking that i will try to use beatles lyrics for blog titles for as long as i can. let's see how long i can keep it up. :) afterall, "Everybody's born knowing all the Beatles lyrics instinctively. They're passed into the fetus subconsciously along with all the amniotic stuff. Fact, they should be called 'The Fetals'. " pop quiz: who knows that movie? two quizzes in one day! you are lucky people!

this moment of insanity brought to you by:
just when you think you will get to bed at a decent hour, we'll keep you from that good night's rest (longer that you thought possible!)
*insert cheezy grin and vanna white hand wave here*

25 July 2007

battle scars

three big red scrapes and bruises and one banged up ankle.
this is what i get for escaping a sweltering summer night by jumping on an intertube and not so much floating as jockeying down the swift current that runs over many a sneaky rock (read: boulder) in our friendly neighborhood creek. when we went at 7:00 pm, it was still 105 degrees. thus the 60ish degree creek seemed downright frigid! but after about 3 minutes, it's not so bad, and the good news is that when you do inevitably crash into a rock, you are already applying a cold pack.
it was so much fun! i have lived here for nearly 5 years and this is the first summer that i've actually been around long enough to want to brave the ice water of the creek. once again, it was way fun. i'm ready to go again!
i also saw some really pretty spots that i would like to photograph, so maybe pictures will be forthcoming (when i can afford film and development of said film)

20 July 2007


i love http://toothpastefordinner.com/ it's good stuff

16 July 2007

things in the news

here are a couple of fun articles that i found today: one about vikings sailing again, and another about german children's book nudity.
this weekend i drove down to visit jessica while she was in the area doing an archaeological survey. it was good fun. there's nothing like a nice drive through the hills. i only wish that i had left earlier so that i could have taken photos along the way. there are a lot of interesting things on the back roads between here and there. we ended up going to the local steak house for dinner, and the service was horrid. the food was good, but they could have really used a different waitress. it really wasn't that busy, so we shouldn't have had to wait nearly an hour (so it seemed) to order. while we were waiting, we did manage to get in some good chatting. i met two of the girls jess is working with, and they seem like fun. jason also joined us for supper, though he was late and decided to get the salad bar. This turned out to be a good choice, because we still ended up waiting about 15 minutes after he got there before our food came out. at least it was a tasty meal. and they cooked the meat correctly. after dinner, i hung out with jess and ellie(?) for a bit before the ling trek home. it was a good weekend.
sad news though, i will most likely not be able to make it to rabid yale next weekend. i just can't afford it. :( i'm sorry.

09 July 2007

through the fuzzy contact

for some reason, i can't see well today. my left contact seems a bit cloudy, and my right one seems like it isn't in right. all together it's a bit odd. good thing i have my handy dandy back pack full of handy dandy random items like purell hand wipes, various bottles of lotion, kleenex, several varieties of gum, tums, a mint tin filled with ibuprofen, and way down at the bottom, amongst several other random things, the bottle of rewetting drops. ahhhhhhh... sometimes i wonder why i carry such a drug store around with me, but it's days like this when i am glad for it.


i have been so tired lately, and i don't really know why. it's possible that it's due to the heat or allergies or something like that, i guess. it's just annoying, because it means that i can't pull myself out of bed in time to do a small bit of exercise like i've been wanting to before work. it's been nice and cool in the early morning around here, so i thought that it would be good to get outside and go for a walk/jog for a bit, if for nothing else but the chance to be outside, not to mention that i could really use the physical activity since most of my days are spent at one desk or another. i really need to start getting out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button so many times... blah. too bad i like sleep so much!

aside from that, i made a necklace for my friend's b-day. i don't have a digital camera, but i've found that my scanner can do well enough to at least give you the general idea:

and while i was messing with the scanner anyway, here is some of the yarn loot that i have recently aquired. this first one is stuff that my friends brought back from the estes park fiber festival thingy:

this is the stuff that i bought using my b-day gift certificate to the local yarn store:

for some reason the font is doing funky things. sorry if it looks a mess!

06 July 2007