29 May 2007


this weekend was midsummer's eve in the highlands. it was way fun. my friend lisa came with me, and i think that she managed to enjoy herself. i was named the "minister of giggles" but i think i like gigglemeister better. we'll see what her highness has to say about that. i made giggle stickers with her label maker, and will be spreading the giggles across the land. i can't wait!
other than that, my grandparents will be out here for a meeting tomorrow, so i will be cleaning like a mad woman tonight. my apartment is a pit! that's what i get for not being there except to drop stuff off and sleep. :)

21 May 2007

yay for summer...class

i actually kind of like my summer class. it's not what i want to do, it's just another hoop to jump through for the college of education, but at least it breaks up the day. not that i wouldn't rather just be outside in the beeeeeeeeeeautiful weather, mind you. today i get a full day of the job that pays well, so that's good. i'll need it to pay for my summer class. it's a good thing that i'm not going to lilies this year, there's no way i could afford it. it's doubly sad since my friends, Doom and Hagan are now royalty, and the theme for the even is King v. Queens. i hope that they can both make it down, as i can only imagine the fun that they would have.
this weekend was wonderful. i got to hang out with the family and sca people at the same time! and i got to eat mom's roast - always a nostalgic and special treat! (and i have the leftovers for sandwiches!) i miss my mom and family A LOT. good thing i'm going home in a couple weeks for the littlest sister's 21st b-day! and i have that friday off, so i can be there longer! yay!
i don't know how long my parents will be living in our house anymore either, so it will be good to go home while it is still there. i guess there is some large corporation trying to buy almost 6 sq. miles of land where my parents live, and they are going to build something huge. the governor is all to glad to help them out, but no one will tell anyone what is going to be built. one newspaper reported that when asked if this is something his mother would be proud of him bringing into our state, the governor said, "my mother is dead." hmmm. the only details that anyone knows is that they want to build something that would use TONS of water, would take 3 years and 10,000 people to build, would employ 2,000 people in high-paying jobs, and would be centered in a 2-mile block with the rest of the land as a 'buffer zone.' my did thinks that this buffer zone will then be sold to executives who would then have the voting rights should something need to be built in the center. mind you, i only know about this through my dad, but it's still scary. what would they be putting up that they won't tell people about, and would take so much to build?
i don't like it. i don't like it at all.
*here is the link to an article in one of the papers covering the story*

19 May 2007

14 May 2007


these are from my final portfolio:

07 May 2007

i'm a princess!

so, guess what? it's official and the votes are in, i am on the royal court for next year's homecoming. tehe. i get to wear a tiara! sweet!

in other new, the b-day was ok. i kinda celebrated all weekend (since my friend's b-day was on sunday and mine was friday, we all got together on saturday.) good fun. i scored an awesome tea stick from lisa, and a gift card to the yarn store from anne and chris. i win! the little sister and her roomate sent me a fun package, including crayons and a coloring book with pirates.
i was also reminded that i am 23, not 2+3. :)

02 May 2007

what was that about not letting the man get you down?

the last week of class sucks. there is always so much to do and sooooo little motivation! on top of that (all the projects and papers due), i don't know if two of the classes that i need next semester will go through, and i am out of financial aid. the amount they offered me in the letter yesterday was not enough to pay for books. time to find some other way to make it work. i only have one year left, and it feels like everything is conspiring to make it impossible. sigh. i'll think of somthing, i always do.
on the brighter side, i did get permission to sub one class for another so that i can have fewer in the fall when i need to be in the classroom for 90+ hours, plus do schoolwork. AND, i figured out how to apply for student teaching through the DOD. :D i'm thinking that england would be a wonderful place to go for a few months next year.

01 May 2007

wool harmony

this is a photo of my friend, rayelle, and i. we traded our skillz... she knit me killer socks and i crocheted her that beautiful purse. good times!