27 September 2010

of stuff and things.

September is upon us (and nearly gone).  Holy Crap!  I don't think I like this fact.  But, there is nothing I can do to slow time, so I guess I'll just have to deal.  I had a GREAT summer at the ranch - awesome staff, awesome campers, awesome horses.  :)  It's summers like this that make me want to work here forever!  

Anyway,  as I walked to the mailbox today, I saw several squirrels scampering about, searching for food (generally acorns around here), and it reminded me of several things, but mostly that I love food.  :)  I've had some fun lately in my tiny kitchen:

First, we had a German counselor this summer, and she LOVES potatoes.  She made us some Bratkartoffeln one day, and they were soooooo good!  I decided to try to make some, so, not having internet at my house, I made up a recipe.  They turned out awesome, and when I looked them up online later, I was actually very close!
bratkartoffeln with sour cream
I added a dollop of sour cream, and ate WAY too much!  If you're going to make them, I suggest slightly smaller chunks of potato...

Mom & Dad have started growing heirloom tomatoes, and gave me a few.
future marinara

I decided that I needed to make something, and settled on Marinara sauce.  I have no recipe for it, so I made it up.
mmmmm, veggies!

The green tomatoes (yes, they're ripe.  I don't know the variety, but they're the ones that are green with yellow stripes) made the sauce look a bit sickly, but it was tasty!  I also baked some Italian Herb Bread that day.
italian herb bread

I decided that the two must meet, so I whipped out the George Foreman Grill for some nummy grilled cheese sandwiches - with sharp cheddar cheese.

 When all of the ingredients were compiled, it was exquisite!

smothered deliciousness
(See what I mean about the way it looked?  But trust me, it was heaven!)