28 January 2010


i gots it.

good time to catch up on shows, i guess.

21 January 2010

no wonder!

i admit. i'm addicted.

let me back up a few steps...

now that i live where i do (aka even more the middle of nowhere than ever before), and now that tv has converted to digital signal (whose stupid idea was that anyway?), i can only watch 3 stations 'over the air.' all three of them happen to be pbs. this is not my issue - i love pbs! my issue is that, even when the signal strength indicator says that i have a significant signal, i can't rely on any of the stations to work properly. at least with analog, i could put up with a little fuzz in the picture, but now, it's all or nothing (most frequently, nothing). but i digress...
the point is, i don't get any network tv. this doesn't bother me too much, there were only a few shows i tried to watch: house, grey's anatomy, and pushing daisies. and now that daisies is cancelled (stooooopid abc!), there were only two shows for me to catch up on when i had time. through this process, i have become a great fan of hulu. it seemed to have fewer problems than either the abc or fox viewer, so life was good.

then, i was introduced to firefly. this is awesomeness incarnate! i know it's been around for many many moons, but i hadn't seen it (for a variety of reasons [stooooopid fox], but there's another huge digression...). through this, i fell in love with nathan fillion. even if he is canadian. ;) i watched a few other things that he's done - worth mentioning are dr. horrible's singalong blog, and waitress.

then, abc introduced a new show. starring mr. fillion. castle has quickly become one of the 'i must check on hulu to see if there's a new episode posted' shows. i know, i know, it's totally predictable, and it's full of clich├ęs, but i love it anyway, and you can't stop me.
anyway, with that as background, i talked to aethelflaed the other night (i think it was when she called me to make sure that i hadn't been killed or injured in a car accident that took place near where i live), and we chatted for a few moments and the she said something like, "i gotta go - i'm watching castle and it's really good!"

i just finished watching the latest episode, and now i understand. holy crap! it was awesome!

if anybody wants to know what all the fuss is about, i do now own the first season on dvd, and would be willing to loan them out (as soon as my boss is done borrowing them). oh, and i also now own the complete firefly as well... hooray for christmas!!!

05 January 2010

Words words words words

as may have been mentioned before, i'm a word geek. thus, i found this quite interesting: