27 January 2009

Miniature Knitter

if the video isn't showing up, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT5MFdAB7fI

Um, I am amazed! I love Neil Gaiman and all of his books, and the books of his that I have seen in movie form as well (aka Stardust), and am really excited to see Coraline, so i went to the website, which is really fun to play around at, and I found this. Enjoy!

and here's the pattern for the sweater: http://www.coraline.com/images/sweater_pattern.pdf

17 January 2009

for the time being

Your result for The Princess Bride trivia Test...


Inconceivable! You scored ###!

You live it, you love it, you lost track long ago of how many times you have seen it. You have been known to wish someone luck by hollering "have fun storming the castle!" You scoff at people who cannot recite the entire 'battle of wits.' You are a true fan.
Thank you. Its people like you that give me hope for humanity.

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