04 November 2008

not too shabby, i hope

yay elections! yay elections being DONE. now we can move on.
i had a horrific day of worry about a paycheck that had not gone through, so after work there was a 'quick trip' to the nearest mybank atm (40 miles away) to deposit a loan from my friend so that i wouldn't get even more outrageous fees on my account while i was waiting for everything to get worked out, so i was not paying much attention to the election results. (that and there is a significant lack of radio news in this area).
on the way home, i stopped for some caffeine at a corner truck stop and as i went in, the idiot who had run a red light to beat me to the convenience store held the door open for me. he also read my shirt (needed an excuse to be peering at the chest, more like) and asked me if i went to the iowa college of medicine.
'no. i've got a good friend who goes there,' i replied and made my way to the pepsi cooler.
he walked right next to me and said 'so, are you happy about the election?'
i told him that i actually didn't know, and that i'd been out of the loop for the last few hours, so he told me that Obama spanked McCain and i told him that i guess i am happy.
he said 'i hope your happy in a couple of years.'
instead of making some snide remark, like i really wanted to (his tone made me want to kick him in the balls... hard, even if i hadn't voted for Obama), i just said 'i hope so too.'
and it's true. i hope that in the next couple of years our president can lead us into a better economy and a better relationship with the rest of the world. i don't know what will happen, but at least i voted and made sure that i have a say in what is going on. whatever happens, i know that i made the best decision based on as much information as i could find about all of the people and measures on my ballot. i actually did some serious studying about a lot of them. and i hope i voted right, and that my state did too. when everything else is done, all a person can do sometimes is hope.
is that such a bad thing?