26 November 2007

name that car

i love my happy little car. it's great. the only thing lacking was a name. well, on the way back from the family thanksgiving festivities, it found a name. i was driving along the lonely interstate, and it hit me (literally). my car shall now be known as bunnyslayer. it was a pretty big one too. at least it wasn't a deer. :)

other than that, my break was good, if short. i got to see some people for a very short period of time, and lots of family. too much food, not enough homework done - you know, the usual. when i got back, i had a letter from the guy in charge of placing me for student teaching in scotland. it may end up being later than i thought, because of the holiday schedule in the uk. i guess we'll see what happens...

08 November 2007

the beautiful fork

i got placed for student teaching next semester. it's not in town here, but it's only 10 miles away. :) ...that is, for the first 10 weeks... after that, i'm planning to go to scotland for 6ish weeks. :):)
i start in the local class room on jan.2 and go to mar. 11. after that, assuming that i pass, i go to scotland. yay! scotland. kilts. loch ness. kilts.

kilts, people!!!

i may be a little bit excited...

(now, just pray that i can survive this semester!)

05 November 2007

do good stuff and learn good words


feed people and build your vocabulary at the same time. be awesome all around...
it's fun (says word-geek girl)
do it.

this has made me indefinably giddy. i'm thinking that when i teach, i will use this for something. i don't know what, but it will be used. :)